The Spa

It is not an everyday habit to set some time apart for yourself, relying on highly qualified personnel, in a cutting-edge facility for space, equipment and products. You can do it with us, to refresh body and soul, forget the cares of everyday life. The best complement to the sweet and relaxing moments that only the mountains can provide.

Our SPA offers beauty treatments and massages, and with the use of the best natural products. You will feel refreshed with the fir fragrance emitted by the vapor of the sauna, work out in our fitness room or enjoy a beautiful indoor-heated swimming pool, for your unforgettable unwinding baths while the snowflakes fall plentiful beyond the window.

Each treatment is performed by specialized personnel with non-invasive techniques and with the use of the best natural products, such as those of Terme Alte di Rivisondoli.



Indulge yourself with moments of relax to strengthen your soul and try the total well-being you’ve always dreamed of.

A massage is a moment dedicated to ourselves, to care for our body and our spirit. Trusting someone to pamper yourself through massages brings back to childhood and allows you to experience a total abandonment you would not normally concede.

All our massages are performed by qualified personnel with proven experience. Our commitment to your pleasure is granted by a multi-year partnership with the beauty GUINOT Institute of Paris.

We also offer our guests beauty packages that include spa and relaxation massage or a combination of massage and beauty services to make the most out of your stay with us.

vasca emozionale

Emotional Bath Tub

Where the body confidently gives in to the pleasant action of our tested active ingredients.

The SPA at Hotel Boschetto is pleased to offer you TETHYS, the exclusive water bed that gives great feelings and extraordinary benefits. An effective treating technique with the application of seaweeds, mud, clay and milk baths. We are also specialized in hay, yogurt, chocolate and grapes baths.

It is worth trying the idrobool experience, with aromas of various scents and bath salts, which give your skin firmness and softness. Much more than a normal whirlpool!

bagno turco

Turkish Bath

A steam bath with many positive effects, a time and place for socializing, relaxation and wellbeing.

This bath’s origins are very old and there were traces already among the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. According to these people, the steam regenerated and reinvigorated not only the body but also the soul. The turkish bath enhances fluid circulation through you body due to the heat that causes dilation of blood vessels. It also promotes a deep cleansing and it purifies the skin, helping to relax and invigorate oneself, by reducing the stress of the nervous system.

It takes place in a closed environment where the relative humidity is very high (90 to 100%). The internal temperature varies from 40 to 60 ° C and increases from bottom to top. Sweating is less intense than in a very warm and dry place such as the sauna, but since the stay is longer, the turkish bath ensures a more intense result.

doccia solare

Tanning Shower

It takes only a few minutes of relaxation to get a uniform and healthy tan.

Our wellness center provides a vertical low-pressure tanning shower that allows you to get an even tan in just three sessions. A safe, pleasant and secure system, also thanks to the use of the best products for your skin!