The Private Spa

A wonderful 120 square meter suite of with a private spa on the inside, designed and built for those who want to spend moments of rest and relaxation in the maximum privacy and leisure, a dream getaway for an unparalleled experience.

Jacuzzi Sasha Complex

Jacuzzi Sasha is a prestigious design oasis of well-being, which combines a shower, a sauna, a steam bath and a turkish bath.
An innovative concept born from the encounter between Jacuzzi expertise and technology, and the creativity and experience of the architect Alberto Apostoli.

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Jacuzzi Minipool

A real Spa hydromassage ritual, a moment for enjoying, sharing and contemplating. Easy to use, thanks to a simple digital control panel with LED on the top edge of the mini-pool: a jewel of technology and design.

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The Pebble Bed

Neither rectangular nor round, Pebble is a bed with soft lines, which recall the shape of the pebbles rounded by the river waters. A spectacular object, whose silhouette appears perfectly designed to hold a body, when sleeping or just reading.

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The Relax Zone

A space designed for relaxation: two chaise lounge, a coffee table and a samovar for a regenerating nightcap.

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